About us

Origin of our FCI kennel.

My first dog was bobtail Berry (more in In memories), who saved my parents when I was on grammer school. During my studies at University I worked in dog shelter and it was very good experience, which I use till today. Then I have moved to flat and started to think about breed, which I can have in flat.

Ungortunatelly Berry left us earlier then I think and I was suddenly without my best friend and alone. In this time I have choosen breed, which I like for its universatily, easy handling and nice character. So I brought home my first smooth collie and as you can see certainly not the last...

We felt in love with this breed in all directions, they will do with us everything, what we will want from lying on the couch and watching TV, through long walks and trips, to playing with ball or training obedience or herding. They are absolutely great with children, other pet or people. They are good quardians, but without afraid, that they will bite to death not welcome intruder. For me they are dream dog, great companion for fun and obedience or only best friend. They are great in all these roles with calm like enhlish aristocrat.

I don't have my dogs for making some great results, they are the most my best friends and pets, and they live with us at home like members of our family. If is possible, we take them with us, if not, we rather stay at home with them:))

Origin of our kennel name.

When I have prepared establishing forms to our kennel, I had to find out some name. I had very clear imagine about our kennel name - it should be short, clear, not so difficult for enouncement and it has to be in some relationships with our dogs. In that time were in our group three smooth collies - Egret, Nelson a Yari. Finnaly after many combination won word GRENAY, I used from every name two letters - eGRet, NElson, YAri. At ČMKU and FCI was our name confirmed, so our puppies will bring our name Grenay.

Our breeding aim.

Breeding of pure breed dogs is very exacting hobby. Its succes depend on many factors - knowledges, experiences, instincts and of course a bit of luck. We are on the beginning of our breeding way and our aim meanwhile lie before us. My dream aim is to breed smooth collies of all colours, with emphasis to correct body shape and typical character. Of course we want to breed healthy and long live dogs with observing collie's problems like CEA, PRA, MDR1 etc. I would like to see at my litters typical friendly and open mind with goodwill to everything what his owners think out. Very pleasant would be if some of our litters would be succesful at the shows and I would love to see some of them like a next herding smooth collies. But main aim would be to breed absolutely perfect family dogs. But these all are ideals, reality could be other....this we will see after some year.

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