Abigale of Bohemia balada "Abuška, Aba, Ebí"

Breeder Sabina Havlíčková, of Bohemia balada, CZ
Date of born 06.01.2007
Sir Be My Lord "Nelson" of Flying Heartbreakers
Dam Gaya Krásná louka
Health records CEA, PRA, KAT free (7wks), CEA DNA Carrier, MDR1 +/-, atopia
Nb. of stud book ČMKU/CK/145/07

 2x V1, CAJC (D); V1 CZ


video from herding training (18,9 Mb)


Pedigree in detail you can find here

Brood bitch

no, 52cm, 19kg


we don't plan puppies at this girl

Abigale is daughter of our Nelson and dominant sable female fenky Gaya Krásná Louka of my friend Sabina Havlíčková.

She is very temperament girl, very active, she is not able to hold in calm for long time only when she is at home with me. Outside she is still in move, she run over whole garden, or meadow or wood:))) After her mother she has very nice body, great angulation, little bit crazy character with loving of herding birds, after her father long tail and strong sense for sheeps and willing to every working, which I find out. After mother she is very easy to handle. She has very nice colour and on head little white star. Unfortunatelly after treatment against flies started at her atopia in her age 18month. So we won't use her for show and for breeding and she is only our pet.

Abigale has very strong instinct for herding, but we weren't able to fulfill Instinct herding test because of accident with big white ram during our first trying of Instinct herding test. But we will try to train with her more to make her sure with big white sheeps and I hope we will fulfil Instinct herding test during this year.

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