AJCh. Flying Heartbreakers Elisa Doolittle "Lili, Liana, Lilianka


Breeder Monique Paulus, Flying Heartbreakers, Luxembourg
Date of born 19.06.2007
Sir Moon Walker from Misstoff "Marwin"
Dam Beautiful Baroness Victoria of Flying Heartbreakers "Vicky"
Health record CEA, PRA, KAT free (6wks), CEA DNA Normal, MDR1 -/-
Nb. of stud book ČMKU/CK/229/-07/08

JCh A, 2x Ex1, CAJC(CZ); 4x Ex2(CZ); Ex1, CACA, BOB(A); Ex2 at European dog show in Budapest 2008


Instinct herding test (12.4.2008, Koško) (3,1 Mb)


Pedigree in detail you can find here

Brood bitch

yes, brood bitch excellent, 53cm, 20kg


12.4.2010 "C", Planned puppies 2011

We brought Lili in September 2007 from luxembourg kennel Flying Heartbreakers, from which come our Nelsonek. She is daughter of Nelson's sister Vicky, father is british tricolour male Moon Walker from Misstoff "Marwin", very succesfull male of last few years in Great Britain.

Lilinka is very nice female, very active girl, little bit more bark when is not everything like her wants. She has lovely head with typically expresion and lovely dark eyes. Her head is in my eyes correct in shape and absolutely right definited stop, setting of eyes and ears, what gives to her lovely expression.

In body she is very promissing girl too, she is well angulated with great chest, correct lines, great foreface and line of neck. She has very nice and correct movement.

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