!!!Finally Bob find his new home!!!

Being a Dream Alkami "Bob, Bobek"

Breeder Alena Levová, Alkami, CZ Bob na procházce 25.1.2009
Date of born 04.11.1999
Sir Dalimattas Disco Dream
Dam Scandyline Become a Dream
Health records CEA free, PRA positive, KAT positive (typical for old dog)
Nb. of stud book ČMKU/C/14/99





Pedigree in detail you can find here

Stud dog

yes, stud dog excellent, 60cm, 22kg


E litter Krásná louka, A litter Jezero Krudum

Bob is father of our Egi and very active 9 years old retiree:)) He is almost blind because of PRA, but stil a little bit see. Sometimes he crash into something, but he walks carefully so he not hurt himself. Our garden he learned very quickly and sometimes he is able to run again, what is very good. He slowly put on weight, fortunatelly he wasn't in so bad conditions like Ada.

Bob's actual pictures you can find here. Big thank for them to Ivan Růžička!!!

Actually Bob find his new home on 4.12.2010
His new owner is Dana Kovarikova and Bob is now living in Most. :)) We are very happy for this!!! Pictures from new home you can find at Facebook.

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