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Merry Christmas to all and thanks all for a nice wishes!!! Pavla, Jarda, Nelsonek, Egitka, Ribinka and her unborn puppies, Yarinek, Abuška and Lili with our cat Šmudlinkou:))


Today we were with Ribbie at second ultrasound and puppies are there:)) We have to wait till second half of January to know how many:))Here you can look to Pregnancy calendar.


Today we were with Ribbie at ultrasound and even it was little bit early we saw there little puppies, so Ribbie is pregnant. We hope in nice litter at second half of January 2010:)) Mating was in second half of November.

Few pictures of Ribbie from October.


Belinka today fulfil canistherapeutical test with friend of her owner Olgou. Big congratulation to both!!!

Nelinka was with her owner in Budapest at two days show where she got both day CAC in champion class and she is Champion of Hungary!!! Big congratulation!!!


Belinka today pass through obedience exam in OB1 level. Big congratulation to both!!!


Today celebrate birthday our first litter - Belinka and Becky, they are 4 years old. Big congratulation, we all wish all the best, long happy life and strong health for next years!!! :))

Nelson's daughter Artemis of Bohemia balada has new websites.


Today celebrates 10th birthday Bob - Being Dream Alkami - we wish him all the best and strong health! Unfortunately he is still in dog shelter Rita.


Today we got lovely pictures from visit of Nelson's grandson Ares Bohemia Elenor at Nelson's breeder Monique Paulus in Luxemburg. Ares now live in Switzerland with his owner Elianne Zwygart, kennel Collie's of Sealand. At first picture you can see Nelson's mother Zita (11years) with her greatgrandson Ares (7month) playing:)) Next pictures are below:))



Today was World dog show, where were shown Nelson's daughters Artemis and Anabela of BB. Artemis got very good in open class and Anabela Excellent 4. in champion class. Congratulation!!!

Pitures from show you can find here a here.


Today Nelson's daughter Belinka with her owner Lenka pass their first obedience exam in level beginner with excellent result!!!! Belinka is first smooth collie in Czech republic with obedience exam, for what we are so much proud!!! Very big congratulation and we looking forward for next success:))

Nelsonek in first level got only 165 points, but we will try it again:)))


With Nelson we competed in OB1 at our home trainfield. I were very nervous and Nelson was out of his condition, so we stop our competition in second half. Maybe next time we will be better.


Yari is today 3 years old. Big congratulation!!!


Yesterday was international show in Mlada Boleslav, judge was polish E.D.Sobolta. Nelson's daughter Artemis of Bohemia balada got in open class V1, CAC, CACIB!!! Big congratulation!!!
Few pictures from show you can find here.


Nelson is today 5 years old. Big congratulation and we hope in many next years with this lovely dog gentleman!!!


Today we were with Nelson on our first exam in obedience in level OB1. Even we didn't pass it, Nelson was great boy and our failure was more fault of mine and not of Nelson. We got 161points (for fulfilment was necesary 192points). So we will try it again:)) Nelson is first smooth collie in Czech, who tried to fulfill obedience exam in level OB1:)) Some pictures you can find here.


Today we were at ultrasound and Lili is not pregnant. We are very sad from it.

Some pictures from our walk you can find here.


So after long waiting Lili started with her season at the end of June, so we went on 10.7. for a long trip to Blue, who lives in Birmingham. All were ok, travelling, mating, we were at one club show for a look, swimm with dogs and walks in big park and after 5 nice days we went home.
Blue is lovely male in all direction, he is very selfsure male, very nice at mating and gentleman with lovely aristocratic nobles. Even he is almost 11 years old, he has great movement and lovely and saturated colour.
Some pictures from our trip to UK you can find here.

If all will go ok, puppies should be born around half of September in tricolour and blue merle colour. More we will know after ultrasound one month later.


O víkendu proběhla mezinárodní výstava Intercanis Brno, které se zúčastnily Nelískovo dcerunky - Aireen a Anabela of BB. Obě si vedly velmi dobře, Aireenka ve třídě otevřené získala V1, CAC, resCACIB a Nelinka ve třídě šampionů získala V1, CAC a CACIB. Nelinka tímto splnila podmínky pro udělení titulu Grandšampion ČR a Interšampion, moc a moc gratulujeme!!!

A ze sportovních úspěchů musíme zmínit úspěchy Nelískova synka Atlantika Bila Kaífa "Atíka", který se svým páníčkem Markem vybojoval na Mistrovství ČR v dogfriesbee 2009 v kategorii začátečníků 3.místo, v minidistance 25.místo a v timetrialu 17.místo. Moc a moc gratulujeme!!! Video z této akce od Drakonit na YouTube. Fotografie z této akce od P.Marečkové naleznete zde.


Ribinka celebrates her 4. birthday:)) Big congratulation!!!


We little bit modify our plans for Ribbie puppies, because Gideon will have here other litter, so we have to think about this combination again. We will try to find other suitable male till the time when Ribbie starts with her season.


Lili celebrates today her second birthday, big congratulation!!! She is still waiting with her season, hopefully she will start soon.


Today was national show in Klatovy, it was judged by austrian judge H. Bierwolf, Nelson's daughter Artemis of BB got Ex1, CAC. Big congratulation!!!


On Saturday was Club show in Chropyne, where was entered two Nelson's daughter - in open class Aireen of BB and in champion class Anabela of BB. Judge was Thomas Rohling from Denmark and girls got from him nice judgements and titels - Aireenka Ex2,res CAC in open class and Anabelka Ex1, CAC, Club winner in champion class. Big congratulation we send to their native kennel of Bohemia balada, because Sabina with Mery won whole show - in youth class they got Ex1, CAJC, BOB and BIS!!!Big congratulation to all!!!

In Lysa nad Labem was today county dog show, where were entered two Nelson's children - Mighty's Spring Meadow Beatrix Lady "Belinka" and Arnold of Bohemia balada "Arny". Belinka and Arny got both same results - Ex1, Class winner and County winner. Big contratulation!!!


Today died bobtail female Bonny of my parents. With Bonny we have spent many nice times with Berry. We will remember her and we've miss her so much.


Today we were with Ribbie at ultrasound and she isn't pregnant, so we have to change our plans, we will mate Ribbie in winter 2009/2010.

Lovely pictures from our herding weekend with our puppies from "A" litter from Luky Vaňourek.


On Saturday was Club show in Repec, where was entered Nelson's daughter Anabela of BB and in champion class she got from abroad judge Leny Balaszovic Ex1, CAC!!! Big congratulation!!!


Last weekend was very succesfull for Nelson's daughter Anabela of BB, she entered 2x International show in Bratislava in championclass. Anabelka got at both shows Ex1, CAC, resCACIB!! Big congratulation!!!


On Saturday was very succesfull day for Nelson's daughter Anabela of BB, she entered International show in Prague in championclass. Anabelka got Ex1, CAC, resCACIB and fulfil condition for titel Czech champion!!! Big congratulation!!!


On Saturday was very succesfull day for Nelson's children - Anabela of BB a Arnold of BB. They entered International show in Ceske Budejovice, both in championclass. Arnold got Ex1, CAC (fulfil condition for titel Czech champion!!!) and Anabelka Ex1, CAC, resCACIB. Big congratulation!!!


Strávili jsme krásné sobotní odpoledne se štěňátky z našeho A vrhu nedaleko Horažďovic u Lukyho Vaňourka, kde jsme je byli seznámit s ovečkami a oslavit jejich první narozeninky. Bylo to super, časem přidáme i nějaké fotky. Moc děkuji páníčkům za skvělou péči i odvahu a chuť jet zkusit pasení!!!


Our puppies from A litter celebrated their first birthday. Big congratulation, and we look forward very much to our little party and big thank to their owner for great care!!!


Egitka celebrate today her wishes and strong health!!!


This weekend was very succesful for Nelson's children. On Saturday was National show in Ostrava where was entered Aireen of Bohemia balada in open class and got Ex1, CAC and National winner! Her sister Anabela of Bohemia balada at National show in Dresden got Ex2, resCAC. On Sunday was Anabela at International show in Wieselburg and got Ex1, CACA, CACIB. Big congratulation and thank you to both for so great presentation of Nelson!


Nelson and Lili got post from Austria - Nelson got confirmation of Champion of Austria and Lili got confirmation of Juniorchampion of Austria. We are very proud of them both!


To Nelson, Yari and Lili we added new photogallery with their old pictures. Hopefully in soon future we will make some new their pictures:))


Last weekend we spent with our Nelson, Lenkou a Nelinkou at training place in training place in Lysa nad Labem to learn more about clicker training with great "teacher" Katka Lerlova. It was really nice time and big thank you to Katka for her time and very good advises!!!

And when we were in this area, so we visited Nelson's son Arnold od Bohemia balada, who live near:))) Few pictures from Arnold's owner Markéta Drdova:


Today we were at club meeting of our collie club (KCHCS) in Dobřejovice near Prague. We took with us Nelson and Lili because both won in our club competition Dog of the year. Nelson was The best adult male for 2007 and Lili was The best young female for 2008. Nelson won this competition in 2006 too. We are so proud of them both.

Abigale was at next vet control. She will need medicaments, so now we try some which are not so strong and bad like prednison. Hopefully it will help and she will be ok again.

Bob still looking for a new home. I still hope and believe, that someone will take him!!!

We changed our breeding plans - from family problems we won't be able to have puppies in Autumn, as we planned, so we decided after long think to mate Ribbie now in spring. And because our planned father has now actualy two litter, so we changed father too and it will be our lovely Nelson. From this litter we expect lovely tricolour colour, right body building, strong, open and friendly character with great temperament for all activities (from lying on sofa to training for rescue work:))). If you are interested in this combination, please don't be hesitate to contact me.


We were at vet control with Abigale today. She is again in good condition, again back at hers 19,5kg like in time, when she left us to Usti nad Labem (when she returned home, she has only 18,2kg). Diet is plus minus ok, but is too early to say, that it will be ok forever. We have to wait in minimum next 2weeks at it to be sure, that it is really working. Abigale started to be more and more sure again, only her new style of playing is for me big problem, because she is very hard and very contact at playing, what she never be before. I hope she will develop again to normal girl, like she was, when she left us to Usti. My fault in estimation of new owner is very hard for me and I only can hope, that Abigale will be ok again.


Abigale return home today. She should eat special diet yet, but she was still fed with meat. So from today she is at special diet from Hill's d/d (Duck/Rice) and we will see in few weeks if it will work or not.


New pictures of Bob, which make for us Ivan Růžička,, for what I thank him very much. Bob still looking for a new home, more here.


Today we were with Yari at operation with teeth, now he hasn't two upper teeth and after one month we will see how it develop.

We got very good new - Blue, sir of our future litter after Lili was tested for MDR1 with result +/-, we are very happy for it.

Nelson's daughther Bela (Mighty's Spring Meadow Beatrix Lady) today got coursing licence. Congratulation and cross all our fingers to next runs and succes!!!

Great new is, that Nelson become grandfather. His son Avallon Bila Kaífa, exported to Sweden, become father on 19.1.2009 of his first litter. Big congratulation to Lollo and Dennis, more about puppies you can find here.

Bob is from Monday 19.1. in special dog shelter Azyl Rita near Kladno. I would like to thank very much to Mr. amd Mrs. Harigelovi, who immediatelly help me with my big problem in group with Bob. Bob still looking for new home, he is very nice to people, he is not able to live with other males, very active for walks and his blindness is not problem for him. If you could be intersted, please don't be hesitate to contact me.


We are still looking for a new home for Bob. He needs new home very much, so please if you know about some possible family, let me know or contact them. He is very sweet boy to people and females. Thank you in advance for all help!


We wish you happy new year 2009! Pavla, Jarda, Nelson, Egret, Ribbie, Yari, Lili, Smudla and Bob

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