We plan puppies in 2011

!!!Nelson has mated in kennel Glarika and ch.s. of Bohemia balada!!!

News 2010


Happy whole new year 2011!!! Pavla and all from Grenay


Mery Christmas, we wish to everybody to all their dreams come true!!!


This weekend we were in double CACIB show in Wels, in Austria. Lili got on Saturday Ex1, CACA, resCACIB, on Sunday Ex1, CACA, CACIB, BOB!!! Basco Grenay first day first time in his life on the show - he was too much crazy and happy for the judge - so he got VG1. And on Sunday Ex1, CACJ. Big congratulation to his owner Stepan :))
And on this show were too Anabela of Bohemia balada (Nelson's daughter) and she got on Saturday Ex1, CACA, CACIB, BOB a 2.BIG!!! On Sunday it was Ex1, CACA!!! Big congratulations girls!!! We are very proud of you!!!


Today celebrates their 5 birthday our first puppies - Belinka a Beckynka. Big congratulation and strong health to many next years!!


Nelísek mated blue merle female Calista of Bohemia balada (CEA DNA Normal, MDR1 +/+, HD 0/0), puppies from this combination should born around 10.1.2011. WE look forward very much for these first blue merle litter of our lovely Nelson. All puppies will be MDR1 +/- and will be test for CEA (there can be CEA DNA Normal or CEA DNA Carrier result, so no puppy can be CEA positive):))

Calista is very nice female with correct body, heigh 52cm, very nice angulation, absolutely great and saturated brown marks on head and legs and clear blue merle colour without big dark spots. She has lovely feminine head with middle strong underjaw and very good setting ears. Both parents has long tails and lovely and correct movement and nice expression. In character is Calista little Sun, everytime happy, kind and loves to pet with everyone, she is nice temperament girl, she loves to play and run. We are expected excellent characters at puppies and very good bodybuildings and heads!!! If you are interested in this combination, please contact breeder Mrs. Jana Kratka from kennel Glarika or me.

We haven't actual pictures of parents unfortunatelly, because of night mating.:))


This weekend were in working results - on Saturday were Lenka and Belinka in Prague at MČR obedience and they were on 13. place. Conditions were horrible, very windy weather and cold, so for me they won this competition!!!

And on Sunday Aireen of BB with her owner Hankal fulfilled Instinkt Herding Test! Big congratulations!!!

We are very proud of you all!!!


Being Dream Alkami "Bob" is 11 years old today. Big congratulation and strong health for next years!!!


Today it is two years, when we have to say goodbye to Ada.....you are still in our hearts....


We got great news from Germany - Belbet Grenay were on two days show in Stuttgart and got both day in young class in her fresh 9 months Ex1, CAJC. Big congratulation!!!


We have to change our breeding plans because of personal problems of Blue's breeder. I am very sad from it and I will try to find other male.


This weekned were Club and Special show of our Club. Nelson's daughters - Belinka got in work class Ex1, CAC and Nelinka in champion class on Saturday Ex1, CAC and on Sunday Ex1, CAC, Winner of Special Show. Big congratulation!!!!


Today we were at herding training with our group and puppies at Daniela Rájová (ch.s. Dajavera). It was very nice meeting and here is some pictures from this action.


After long time we were with Lili at dog show in Tulln. Both days she got from brittish judges Peggy and Petera Bailey result Ex2, resCACA. Nelson's daughter Anabela of Bohemia balada wom both days - on Saturday at Club show Ex1, CACA, Club winner, BOB and on Sunday at international show Ex1, CACA, CACIB, nomination for Cruft's 2011, BOB!!! Big congratulation!!! Few pictures from the shows from our friend Katka Sichova here.

Egi was ill, finnaly we had to spay her. Now she is more happy, hopefully she will be soon ok again.


Today Nelson's daughter MSM Beatrix Lady won obedience competition in Plsen in OB1 class with very good result! Big congratulation, we are very proud of you!!!


Pictures from Grenay walk 29.8.2010. Ivane thank you!

Pictures from Collie meeting 12.9.2010 on Mannheim.


On Saturday 7.8. we were at obedience competition in class OB1 with Nelson. Weather were horrible, whole day strong rain. Even this we were with Nelson on 6. place from 13 teams, so I am really proud of him!!! We got only 158,5 points, so we still haven't fullfilled exam OB1, maybe other time:)) Here some pictures from Ivan Růžička from competition obedience 7.8.2010 in Úhonice, at some you can see how much raining in that time:)))


After long time short update.:))

17.7. we were at national show with Nelson and Ribbie in Mlada Boleslav, both in winner class, judge Mr.Nebojša. Nelson was second after his son Arnold of Bohemia balada with result Ex2, resCAC and Ribbie was second with result Ex2, resCAC.

12. - 13.6.2010

Anabela of BB was in Austria at two days show and she won on Saturday BOB.

All puppies are in new homes! We plan next litter in summer/autumn 2011 after Lili, we would like to try again mating in England, hopefully it will be ok this time.


So first puppies left our home. First pictures from Cindy here:


Today we were at eye check and all puppies are absolutely healthy! :))


Puppies are 7 weeks old, they were vaccinated and microchiped.

7 weeks :))


Puppies are 6 weeks old, we have lovely pictures from owner of father of our litter. You can find them here.

Skip confirm on Sunday his A3 champion, big congratulation!!!!!


Puppies are 5 weeks old.


Some pictures of group from 4 weeks you can find at puppy page.


Puppies are four weeks old. We haven't pictures now, because of some problem at home. Today we got DNA tests results, you can find them at puppy page


Puppies are 3 weeks old, they are more and more active and noisy group:)) Pictures from today you can find at puppy page.

1. - 2.5.2010

On Sunday were Obedience competition in Prague. Nelson pass through beginner class OB Z with 214,5 points. Video from this action from our friend Lenka Ajmova you can find here:
Down during walk - video (8 Mb)
Calling - video (13 Mb)
Box - video (10,5 Mb)
Carring aport - video (5 Mb)
Aport over hurdle - video (10Mb)
Position - video ( 12 Mb).

We were 8. from 12 competitors with 214,5 points (result of exam Good)For video from this competition I have to say big thank you to our friend Lenka Ajmova!!!

Lenka competed in Saturday with Anabela of Bohemia balada in OBZ and on Sunday with Mighty's Spring Meadow Beatrix Lady in OB1. With Anabela they were 7. from 12 competitors with 215 points (and won over Nelson too :)). Beatrix Lady competed in OB 1 and were 4. from 7 competitors. Big congratulation!!!


Puppies are two weeks old, they grow very well, start open their eyes, bark and are little bit noisy group:)) Lili is great mother:)) Pictures from Sunday you can find at puppy page.


Pictures from today you can find at puppy page.


Puppies have their names and few pictures of each on puppy page.


Today born C litter after Lili and Skip. We have 7 puppies - 5 girls (3 tricolour a 2 sable) and 2 tricolour boys. First pictures on puppy page.


Today has birthday our "A" litter - Anamur, Aidain and Ashley - they are two years old. Big congratulation!!!


Today has Egret 6 years, big congratulation!!!


All puppies are in new home. At their side I put some new pictures.

On Sunday we were with Nelson at CACIB show in Luxembourg and we took Ribbie with us. There were 14 smooth collie at the show and Nelson got Ex1, CACL, CACIB, Best male and Cruft qualification 2011 and Ribie Ex1, CACL, thanks to these they both confirm condition for fulfil titel Champion Luxembourg. We are very happy!:))


Today was club meeting of our club(KCHCS Praha), where were announced result of club competition Dog of the year 2009. Nelson's daughter Anabela of Bohemia balada became Best adult female of KCHCS Praha of the year 2009 - big congratulation!!!
Other Nelson's children were thanks to small number of shows:
Artemis of Bohemia balada in adult female at 10.place and Arnold of Bohemia balada in adult males at 11.place. Congratulation!


Most of puppies are in new home yet.

Between Our females we put our new hope Baccara Grenay. If all will go well, we will show her, try herding and some obedience :))


Today we were for eye check and all puppies are free of all eye disease, which are controled.


Today are puppies 7 weeks old. We were for while outside and some pictures you can find on puppy side.
One puppy female with MDR1 +/+ and CEA DNA Normal from B litter could be available - if you are interested, please contact me soon.


Today we were with Lili at ultrasound and Lili is pregnant:)) Puppies from C litter should born around 11th April:)) If you are interested in this combination, don't be hesitate to contact me.


Today puppies are 6 weeks old, they grow very well. Today we made trip to my friend Sabina for make some pictures of puppies. It was really funny time, puppies were little bit nervouss from new place and standing in high during making pictures:)) But after pictures they played together with Sabina's son Thomas and some sleeped down during this:)) as for example Bofey:)) Some puppies has local reaction for vaccination, what is possible to see for example at Bofey's pictures from this time. Pictures on puppy page - of each one and too in group.


So puppies will be soon 6.weeks old, only I am again ill, so we haven't any pictures from 5.weeks. Today we were with puppies for microchiping and vaccination against kennel cough. Travel to our vet and all in her ordination were ok, puppies were very handsome :))).

Company SOF.Anubis, s.r.o. make preliminary year compete for titel TOP Coursing Runner 2009 - compete for non official titel for all, who can't get official titel Coursing winner CMKU. In this compete were two daughters of Nelson - Bela and Nela - Belinka was at 1. place and Nelinka at 2.place. Big congratulation to all!!! Nelson is really proud of both his daughters and we all too!!!

Bela a Nela - Coursingový vítěz 2009


Few pictures from today you can find here.


Puppies are 4 weeks old yet and they have second deworming today and all were very handsome:)) Almost all puppies are now more then 2kg, the two smallest girl will catch the others soon:)). We will try to take some new pictures or rather video of puppies tommorrow.


Puppies has pictures on their website from 3 week, I have to say thank you to my very good friend Natalia for help with taking pictures.:)) All puppies are now more then 1kg, they trying their new teeth and is big fun with them.


Puppies grow very well, they spend time with play, barking to us, move with tales and they are small dogs with everything:)) Few pictures of group from 9.2. you can find here, pictures of each puppy will be on website soon:))

Lilinka was mated to Skip, if she is pregnant we will know after cca one month, when we go for ultrasound. If you are intersted in puppy from this litter, more information to litter C you can find here.


Belinka with her owner Lenkou today enter the obedience and they were very succesfull and win 2. place in level OB1!!!! Big congratulation!!! Video from this competition you can find here.

Bela_OB1_Brno2010 Bela_2.misto_OB1_Brno2010

Puppies got their first visits from new owners, in this time they are all booked.

Soon we will mate Lili, if you are interested in puppy, here you will find about C litter.


Today we got results of DNA tests, you can find results on puppy page.


Puppies are two weeks old, all have open eyes.:)))
Pictures from today on their page.


Lili start with her season a little bit sooner, so in two weeks we will mate her with Skip and if all will go well, at the beginning of April should born C litter Grenay.


So we are one week old, all puppies are ok and they grow very well. Basco is the biggest on from all and he is the most active puppy now, he tries first step on his not so sure legs. He is lovely big boy:)) Pictures from today.


So the smallest one - Bernie - died today:(( So we have only 7 puppies. First pictures from today here.


Today born puppies - 6 girls and only 2 boys - one is very small and weak, we will see, if he will be able to survive.


Ribbie is bigger and bigger, but she thinks she has still enough time and we have to wait till time she is going to decide to show us her puppies:))


We and Nelson wish to Abigale and all her littermates all the best for their 3. birthday:)) Big luck to future, much fun with owners and many success in all actions:))


We made picture of Ribbie how she is bigger and bigger:))) (foto). After two weeks should born our B litter:))


We wish you happy new year 2010! Pavla, Jarda, Nelson, Egret, Ribbie, Yari, Abigale, Lili and Smudla

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