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On Friday 30.9.2011 died "our" Bob. He was almost 12 years old. Big thanks to his owner Dana Kovarikova for great care about him in last year, when she had him at home!!!


We were with Ribbie again on mating in August, all were excellent, but today's ultrasound didn't confirm Ribbie's pregnancy. :((( We are very sad about it.


Yarinek celebrates his 5 birthday today!!! He is still same happy and funny boy :)) We wish him many next years with us!


Nelsonek celebrates his 7th birthday!!! Big congratulation to him, his sister Vicky (mother of our Lili) and all other from this litter, we wish them all strong health and much luck and many fun with their owners, and we hope for at least 7 next years with them!!!


5.8.2011 died amazing female and important ancestor of my breeding - Collie's of Sealand Zuy-Zita Smooth "Zita" - rest in peace dear Zita, you won't be never forgotten, you will stay in our hearts and in our smoothies! Our deepest sympathy to Monique and whole family!


We plan our next Grenay meeting on weekend 24.-25.9.2011, for more information email me ;)


We got bad news from owner of Piper - male who we've chosen for our lovely Lili - Piper is ill and won't be possible to use him for Lili. So we have to start again with looking for other sire of our E litter....I am very sad from it, because Piper was absolutely in type, which I love so much and which started to be more and more rare at smooths.....:((( We cross fingers for Piper and Penny to be soon ok again.....and I hope in future maybe we will be able to manage it.....I hope so....


We got great new from Germany - Belinka (Belbet Grenay) was checked for hips dysplasia and she got great result - she is HD A!!! Big congratulation to Heike! We are really happy for this result!;))

25.6. was International show in Brno, where was our Berat Grenay and got in intermediatte class Ex2, resCAC. Congratulation! ;)

Between our girls was added Akimka Glarika :))


Lilinka celebrates her 4. birthday today. Congratulation!!:))

18.6. was club show in Hradec Kralove, where Berat Grenay got Ex1, CAC in intermediatte class. Big congratulation to Beruska and Lucka!!

And this day was on her first show Nelson's daughter Fabien of Bohemia balada "Candy" in Sweden and got BOB-puppy and BIS-1 puppy. Big congratulation to the owner Ann-Louise Oskarsson (Top Fashion kennel).

10. - 12.6. were shows in hungarian city Komárom, where was showed our little Akimka in puppy class and she got Very promissing and Best Baby at the show. Big thanks to Kata a Monique for great showing and pictures.

5.6. was show in Klatove, where were our Berat and Blaise, both in intermediate class. Berat got Ex1, CAC and fulfilled Juniorchampionship CZ, Blaise because of ears only Very good, but with very nice report. Big congratulation to both!!!


28.5. we had little trip with our puppies, pictures hopefully soon at 


All puppies after Nelson and Calista have new homes. Akima stays in coowning :)) Some of them we maybe meet on shows :)) We will see.

Belbet left us to new home too, again in Germany, but now in fantastic smooth collie family, so I am sure, she will have great life. We cross fingers for her for shows and look forward to meet her again in future.

Some from our puppies were at shows this weekend - 14.5. at international show in Prague got in young class Cole Grenay VG4, Berat Grenay too in young class Ex2 and Blaise Grenay in intermediatte class because of ears only VG3.

15.5. was Club show KCHCS in Repec, where got Cole Grenay in young class Ex1, CAJC, Bailley too in young class Ex2 with very nice judgement and then she went through our club control and she was recommended for breeding. Big thanks to all owner and too big congratulation!!! We are absolutely proud of you all and you are the best!!


Fabien of Bohemia balada has her new home yet. Thanks to all who were interested in her :))


Our lovely Berat Grenay at international show in Českeh Budějovice got in young class Ex1, CAJC!!! Big congratulation to owner Lucka and Berat and we cross fingers for next great success!!!


Today we wish all the best to our C litter - Cole, Clay, Ceylan, Corina, Claire, Cindy a Camilla!!!

On Sunday 10.4. we were with Clay and Camilla at international show in Wieselburg and both got Ex1, Jungedbester!!! Big congratulation and thanks to the owners!!!


Today celebrates 3 years our A litter - Anamur, Aidain and Ashley - we wish them all the best!!!


Today celebrates 7 years from our sweet Egret!!! We wish her all the best and strong health a long next years with us!!! The same we wish to all her littermates especially father of our C litter Skíp (Escape Krásná louka)!!!


Anabela of Bohemia balada was tested for MDR1 and she is only Carrier (+/-)! We are happy for this results and congratulation to owner Lenka Ajmova!!!


Today we got very sad news from Germany, where lived our Corina Grenay. Cori died 4.3.2011 probably because of poisoning. We are very sad and we are in deep sympathy with Judith and all her family :(((


!!!! IntCh. MultiCh. Anabela of Bohemia balada won
in very quality concurence in all classes!!!!
!!!!Huge congratulation to Lenka and Nelinka from all of us and especially from Nelinka's father our lovely Nelson. We are absolutely proud of you both!!!!
!!!!Huge congratulation too to a breeder Sabina Havlíčková, ch.s. of Bohemia balada!!!!
Anabela is FIRST Czech smooth collie with this absolutely wonderful titel from Cruft's!!!!


Today were puppies after Nelson and Calista at eye check and all are CEA, PRA, KAT free.


Today we were at International show in Graz, Austria with Eda (Clay Grenay), his owner Marie and our Lili. Eda got only Very good because of light ear :)) Lili got Ex1, CACA, resCACIB and with this titel she fulfilled conditions for Austrian champion of beauty. Thank you Marie for great day and all your help!!!

Unfortunately we have very sad new - 23.2. died our sweet Abigale because of car crash - it let deep hole in our hearts, we miss her very very much ;(((


born next litter after our Nelson and it is F litter in kennel of Bohemia balada. Born 6 puppies - 4 females and 2 males. All are sable after mother and very promising. More information at breeder Sabiny Havlíčkové.


Pictures from visiting of Nelson's puppies in kennel Glarika from 3 weeks you can find here. Author of these lovely pictures is Zuzana Chalupova!

On saturday was on her first show our Berat Grenay and in young class she won Ex1, CAJC, Crufts nominace 2012, JBOB. Big congratulation to owners and Berat :))And thanks to owners for very good presentation of our offspring ;)) Few pictures from show here.

And on Sunday competed in obedience Nelson's daughter Anabela of Bohemia balada in beginners class and won great and fulfilled exam for very good result. Big congratulation from us, we are very proud of you both!!!


Today we were with Ribbie at ultrasound, but she is not pregnant. We are very sad, maybe we will try it again next season.


Today celebrates our B litter their first birthday - so Happy birthday to our Bakara, Bailley alias Báje, Belbetce alias Zuri, Beratce alias Berušce, Blaisulce, Bofince alias Zoe and of course to our only one boy - Basíčkovi :)) Look forward to meet you all again!!!


Born puppies after nelson and blue merle female Calista of Bohemia balada (CEA DNA Normal, MDR1 +/+, HD 0/0). There were born 9 puppies - 6 females (3blue merle, 3 tricolour) and 3 males (2 blue merle and 1 tricolour). All puppies are MDR1 +/- and all puppies will be CEA free:))

Calista is very nice female with correct body, heigh 52cm, very nice angulation, absolutely great and saturated brown marks on head and legs and clear blue merle colour without big dark spots. She has lovely feminine head with middle strong underjaw and very good setting ears. Both parents has long tails and lovely and correct movement and nice expression. In character is Calista little Sun, everytime happy, kind and loves to pet with everyone, she is nice temperament girl, she loves to play and run. We are expected excellent characters at puppies and very good bodybuildings and heads!!!

Here you can look to pictures from our mating trip with Ribbie :))


We and Nelson wish to Abigale and all her littermates all the best for their 4. birthday:)) Big luck to future, much fun with owners and many success in all actions:))


On New year we were with Ribbie on great trip in Netherland. It was very fast desicion and only short time for prepare, but we hope that all will be ok and Ribbie will be pregnant. We will go for ultrasound around begging of February. Information about this litter on its side.


We wish you happy new year 2011! Pavla, Jarda, Nelson, Egret, Ribbie, Yari, Abigale, Lili and Smudla

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