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Today celebrates our B litter their second birthday - so Happy birthday to our Bakara, Bailley alias Báje, Belbetce alias Zuri, Beratce alias Berušce, Blaisulce, Bofince alias Zoe and of course to our only one boy - Basíčkovi :)) Look forward to meet you all again!!!


Today it is one year from born puppies after Nelson and blue merle female Calista of Bohemia balada (CEA DNA Normal, MDR1 +/+, HD 0/0). There were born 9 puppies - 6 females (3blue merle, 3 tricolour) and 3 males (2 blue merle and 1 tricolour). All puppies are MDR1 +/- and all puppies will be CEA free:))


We and Nelson wish to all puppies from A of Bohemia balada all the best for their 5. birthday:)) Big luck to future, much fun with owners and many success in all actions:))


We wish you happy new year 2012! Pavla and all

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