Complete information to our breeding and puppies

All our litters are long time planned, puppies live with us at home and we put big attention to great socialization. More about it you will find bellow or you can contact me with your questions about our puppies.

Puppies and breeding service.

Our puppies born and live with us at home in close contact with people and our animals. We make our puppies acquiant with all types of situation, floor surfaces, all our animals, and when start nice weather, puppies are part of day outside in their own fence, where they have grass and enough place for save playing. After 6 weeks they have whole garden for playing and they can study mysterious corners of it:))) Puppies know well all normal noises from home, garden and normal live in little village. Impliedly we visit few times veterinary ordination - to health control after born, to vaccination, to clinic eye check, to microchip them, everytime with enough time to have time to introduce them this new place and doctor. Because we have our vet 30km far, puppies are used to go by car from young age. Even they now it, they can have some little problems in other cars (slobber, vomit).
Our puppies are chipped, instead of clinic eye check we make test of DNA for MDR1 and CEA.
Impliedly is breeding service within we help or advise you with care of smooth collie puppy, how to learn puppy to be clean, others neccessary things for normal life (stay at place, not bark whole time etc.), if you will want to help with shows, I am able to learn you how to show smooth collie or show puppy from us at some shows, where we will meet. And of course we are able to help you with taking care of our puppy when you have to go to holiday, hospital etc. I would like to stay in contact with new owner and be gratefull for pictures and information about our puppy or visit. Normally we plan meeting of our litters, so I would be happy if you will make time for it and come to us again even puppy will be adult dog yet.

Which owners we are looking for?

We want owners, who will love their smooth collie, will take care of her with responsibility, so their dog will have enough moving, contact with other people and dogs, they won't be affraid to ask if they will have problem and if they won't be able to let puppy from us, they will write or call and bring this puppy back to us instead they put it to dog shelter. I don't need nothing as a neccessary - no shows, no working exams, only responsible and affectionate access to life animal, who will make for master all what see on its eyes.
Future owners are really welcome for a visit us.

And what you will get from us with puppy?

First of all contract with description of the puppy and with condition of selling puppies. Then results of eye check in 6 weeks, results of DNA test for CEA and MDR1, confirmation about health of the puppy in time before leaving us, Europass with information about chip, deworming (in 2.,4.,6. and 8.week) and vaccination. Pedigree is of course too one from important thing which you get from us, but normally it is 2 or 3 month after time, when you take puppy from us.
Instead of this neccessary things, puppy will get little package for his travel to new home with leash, collar, something from home, something for playing, and package of feeding for beginning.

Our breeding aim.

Breeding of pure breed dogs is very exacting hobby. Its succes depend on many factors - knowledges, experiences, instincts and of course a bit of luck. We are on the beginning of our breeding way and our aim meanwhile lie before us. My dream aim is to breed smooth collies of all colours, with emphasis to correct body shape and typical character. Of course we want to breed healthy and long live dogs with observing collie's problems like CEA, PRA, MDR1 etc. I would like to see at my litters typical friendly and open mind with goodwill to everything what his owners think out. Very pleasant would be if some of our litters would be succesful at the shows and I would love to see some of them like a next herding smooth collies. But main aim would be to breed absolutely perfect family dogs. But these all are ideals, reality could be other....this we will see after some years.

If you are interested in puppy from us, don't be hesitate to contact us.

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